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My brother-in-law abuses my sister and insults our family members every time he gets a chance. He seemed to be quite the innocent type before marriage but recently he has changed. My sister is tormented and is seeking my help. How do I find a solution to this problem?
asked Mar 15, 2017 in Family and Relationships by anonymous | 411 views

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Since the situation has worsened I believe you must ask your sister to stay at her parent's place for the time being. Your parents and other elderly people must talk to your brother in law regarding such a harsh behavior. If he apologizes make sure that he is being honest, because he might lie to you people to escape the situation. However, if the members of your family still doubts him or the other way round, if he still continues with the old rude behavior I think you should talk necessary action by consulting the law and the articles prescribed under the various articles in terms of harassment. That's perhaps the best means to give him a life's lesson
answered Mar 19, 2017 by Chirasree (380 points)
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