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asked Jan 11 by Anisha Jain | 175 views

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I'm not much into romantic movies but there are a few which I really liked and would recommend:
1. Notting Hill
2. Bridges of Madisson County
3. The Notebook (but you probably have seen this one already)
4. The truth about cats and dogs
5. 27 dresses
6. The holiday
7. Sweet November
8. Two weeks Notice
answered Jan 12 by Anmol Raina
Thank you
That seems a long list.
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These Hollywood romantic movies won't be bad.
P.S. I love you
A walk to remember
Pretty woman
Valentine's day
answered Jan 12 by Chirasree
Thank you. I ll surely watch them
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I am huge romance fan and I think I could recommend some decent movies to you.

  • Fifty first dates
  • Me before you
  • The best of me
  • What if
  • About time
  • The leap year
  • The choice
  • The vow
  • The girl next door

Hope this helps.

answered Jan 13 by Sagar
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