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Hi ladies,

Wanted to share of some of things and need your valuable tips.

Today was my first day at work ,I was excited.. I had worked in India in reputed institutions but this was the first time in USA. I happened to find out that all my colleagues are non- Indians. It doesn't mean I am against to it.. today it was staff meeting where in they had arranged potluck party during lunch time.. I am Brahmin and strict vegetarian.. every food item was non vegetarian... so I had to eat my own lunch where I had bought(vegetable bath) :(.. I felt left out... they were discussing about Christmas party.. I felt clueless for some of the ideas they were sharing.. I am very talented in my field but I fear if culture becomes a barrier for communication and interpersonal skills?
I understand working in an office which comprises people of different countries and varied may offer challenges and also then typical home-bred attitudes may not find favor in global office corridors.
Can you all share your experience if you happened to face similar things?

 Tips and suggestions please.
asked Dec 13, 2016 in Workplace Problems by Sam | 125 views

2 Answers

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Please don't be intimidated about culture issues. If you are nice and open to people they will interact but if you behave stupid or scared you will never be able to gel.
answered Dec 18, 2016 by anonymous
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I worked in a german company which has a mixture of german and Indian employees. Please understand that it takes some time to create interpersonal bonds and it's okay if you are taking some time to mingle. You can learn more about their culture through the internet and if you let them know they may also be interested in yours. Just be yourself and be comfortable in your own skin and people would be attracted to the confidence easily.
answered Jan 11, 2017 by Sagar
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